Laser Cutting and Forming in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Full Service Welding and Fabrication Including Automated Robotic Weld Cell

At Fabritech Solutions, we have extensive project management experience in a wide range of design and fabrication fields. This includes first-hand experience in fabrication of a variety of metals and composites.

We have a portfolio of installed custom made products for customers across the United States.

Design Transfer to Fabrication

We work with architectural designers to achieve the desired concept appearance from our extensive background in all types of structural and decorative metal fabrication.

Custom Fabrication

We produce custom ornamental decorative and structural systems including perforated SS fence panels, decorative landscape terracing, courtyard paver edging and many other complex decorative metal

Concept Modeling

We can produce a solid model of the design concept in context to enhance the clients understanding of
the final appearance.

Concept Layout

We can produce detailed assembly models which contain every individual part of the design – down to every joint, bolt hole, and fastener.

Shop Drawings

We can prepare shop drawings which will be the contract drawings for fabrication. We can arrange to have them reviewed and stamped by a licensed Professional Engineer in your state.

LEEDs Certification

We understand the documentation necessary to support the project LEEDs file and can supply the appropriate certifications for any project.

Our Role as Service Providers


We build trust and respect between collaborators.


We find solutions to unexpected scheduling challenges.


We bridge communication gaps between organizations and skill sets.


We provide a focus on details, even in the most complex designs.

Fabritech's Function

  1. Acquire an understanding of the overall design intent.
  2. Implement the design as intended.
  3. Solve technical issues faced by artisans in implementation of design intent.
  4. Source or fabricate materials to installation contractor.

Value Added Process

At Fabritech Solutions, we are committed to working with architects and contractors to capture the overall design
intent in detail and deliver the finished product to the job site for installation.

We focus on being a value added partner, rather than an addition cost. Our goal is to help our clients reduce cost by rearranging the traditional communication structure, ultimately allowing our clients to set their focus on the jobsite. 

By flipping the communcations structure, we provide contractors with the cost and sourcing of metals early in the process. In addition, we work out all of the details for product integration before they are due at the site.  This removes the search for competent firms, evaluations of work, schedule uncertainty, and delivery end confusions around many projects that our clients traditionally face. 

We believe this approach represents net cost savings to the job overall and just as importantly, greater client satisfaction with the final appearance of the project.